Post #1: Introduction by Roarke

Maybe some would say of King Eburgistraten that he led a charmed life: full of women, great riches and power. As the youngest of five princes of the third tier his main desire was not to outlive all four cousin brothers. Eburgistraten was much too passionate a man to want anything to do with sacrificing humanity, especially his, to ascend Kanabulan’s Throne Eternal. Existence void of all emotion in the shadow of the High Queen was more than any man should have to endure. Each of the four kings that preceded him eagerly accepted this fate, believing that its promise of immortality and decisions unencumbered by human desires would make him the king of all generations: a great leader, provider, peacemaker, rich beyond measure and wise as the gods themselves. All of them succumbed to the madness and begged with their last shred of reason for death to come at the hand of the one being capable of ending their turmoil: the High Queen.

From "The Book of Ara", Page 14

Of kindred ties and lovers woes,

upon the heart such grief bestows.

But here am I and no one knows,

that deep in me this tempest blows.

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