Fen's Diaries

I knew about her diaries, but it seemed she never had a thought she didn't blurt out loud so I certainly never had any occasion to read them before. Now I missed the sound of her voice prattling on, how every situation was somehow all about her. Whenever I'd chide her for being self-absorbed, her voice would get high-pitched as she adamantly pointed out how wrong I was.

There weren't any surprises inside, not even that she had torn out a number of pages. She was good-natured, compassionate and prone to jump into situations without thinking. In the rare event that she hurt someone beside herself in the process, she never really forgave herself.

I suppose she had a streak of modesty after all because she was ambivalent about her many accomplishments in her diaries. Before I can begin to set that right I need to shed some light on one of the most reluctant kings in all of history, the man she loved but refused to marry and the seemingly haphazard way our paths would cross.