Following the Music, from Fen's Memoirs

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I returned to my friends in the court and contemplated a visit back to Kanabulan to see Hetta, possibly even my father. Misha and Nalev spent endless hours talking about plans for Gelassi and incorporating the Houseborne into the settlement. They had hopes that I could soften my father's relationship with the growing militarily trained population encroaching on his eastern border. The women of the House were being gradually moved into the settlement to make it seem less intimidating, at least to the outside observer. Truth was that the brothers and sisters of the House seemed not only diametrically opposed but poised to destroy the other rather than mating and forming a stable, sustainable town. With all of that chaos, sex and violence, how could I not want to get involved?

Before too long Roarke had resurfaced and could be found from time to time, in all places, on his throne. I kept my distance from him.

One night after supper I heard music coming from the hallway. I walked outside to listen. After a few moments the small band of three men slowly walked away from me. I had nothing better to do so I followed them. They traveled up and down the corridors and eventually into the royal gardens. I hesitated, but followed them there as well. Although I was afraid that Roarke was trying to meet with me to beg for forgiveness, but he was nowhere to be found. Consequently, I got to enjoy the music on my own. After a while I started to walk away and the band followed me. I went over to the pond and lay down on the ground watching the stars while I listened to my private concert.

It was rather relaxing and I fell asleep. They were still playing when I awoke. It was sweet, but I was cold from the ground and wanted my bed. I walked back to my room, the band following me all the way. I opened my door, turned to them and said goodnight. It didn't seem like they were going to leave.

When I entered my room I found all of my things from Belaurii had been brought in and there were candles and flowers everywhere. There was a note on my table.

"I wanted you to feel at home. Your mother graciously assisted. -R"

I put the note in my desk drawer, along with the other letters from Roarke and his shirt. Then as the band played on, I fell into a restful slumber in the comfort of my bed.

The next morning I actually sought out Roarke, only to find that he had left to complete his mission to save the world and taken Nalev, Tironik and Paynor with him.

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