"Imposter and the Madman," from Fen's Memoirs

The next day Burgi decided that we would return triumphantly to Kanabulan where he would announce that all three kingdoms, and the infant settlement of Gelassi, will be joined together in perfect union as prescribed by the holy forces of our world. Given his strong paternal bond with Naeri, his life-long friendship with Hezason and the fact that he was in all actuality the rightful king of Kanabulan, the outcome could have been much better.

Queen Naeri was not only quite eager to see her father but was apologetic that Hezason had already left for his visit to their northern most court of Cimonea. There we exchanged pleasantries over supper before Burgi revealed the details of his mission. Naeri gave us her utmost attention before having a servant show us to our quarters. She would would be traveling to Cimonea with her attendants the following morning and assured us that she would discuss the details with Hezason at once.

Feeling quite jubilant at the encounter we decided to move for Cznorh early the next morning. The day was bright and our spirits high as we entered the capital. Then our hopes were quickly dashed to pieces as D'Hir was too busy to receive us and Eyre Nalev seemed similarly indisposed. It seemed that Rad'en' was designated to deal with us. Rad'en' was so charming that I needed to continually remind myself that we were being snubbed.

This continued for several days and we got no further along. To make matters worse we received a word that King Hezason had flatly refused to collaborate with an "obvious impostor and a madman." He also made sure to order me back to my duties in Gelassi as Tironik's aide.
I was still showing the two dejected kings around Gelassi when Misha informed us that rather than risk any further discord with either parent country, the official position would be to stay neutral. In other words, the men could stay long enough to rest and contemplate their next move. Assuming that it was to continue with their holy mission, they would be asked to find another base for operations. Eburgistraten and Roarke, fully dedicated to their just cause, left Gelassi a short while later.

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