Patient, Commentary by Tironik

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I had been working with Eyre Nalev in the pond in the Royal Gardens. He had urged me to end our session, but I kept him moving until at last I feared he was in grave danger of drowning. While not one to enjoy the pain of others, I still thought it best to push my patient back to a level of independence before he drove all of us raving mad. I kept my doubts of his complete recovery to myself.

No sooner did Misha arrive with Lady T'Nahl then did the Eyre throw the most nasty tantrum. Zbinka repeatedly assured me that this was not his nature, but his debilitating weakness and slow recovery. We helped Nalev onto a chair, ranting all the while, then left him with Zbinka's company. Misha and I meandered through the gardens catching up on everything that had transpired since Gelassi.

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