All Too Familiar, by Misha

While en route to Kanabulan, we had the occasion to visit the Hot Springs of Ur, and I wasted no time shedding my dusty travel clothes and settled in for some long-overdue relaxation. A few moments later I was joined by Fen who lowered herself into the water complaining that it was too hot. Eburgistraten came running from the large rock where he set his clothes and jumped in with a hearty yell. Only Roarke had misgivings about joining us and he paced uncomfortably at a respectable distance.

Eventually Eburgistraten was able to persuade the reluctant king to remove his shoes and put his legs into the water which brought him closer to the conversation. Unfortunately the topic soon veered from saving the world to honoring the betrothal contract between Fen and D’Hir.

“And once I’m in Kanabulan I’ll get started with the plans. What better way to proclaim the unification of our countries than a wedding,” Eburgistraten proclaimed.

Fen looked to Roarke to say something, but he was silent. Eburgistraten also wanted his contribution to the matter.

Roarke managed a compliant, “Yes.”

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Fen voiced her concerns. Surprisingly, all of her objections were nullified by her guardian. Whatever involvements she had would be forgiven when she chose to honor the betrothal. Forgiven? Due to her respect for Burgi she chose not to lash out at him. I don’t think any other man would have gotten away with that comment. I decided to interject.

“What the two of you seem to be over-looking is the fact that legally Fen is my wife,” I stated firmly.

“To you,” Eburgistraten dismissed my comment with a roll of his eyes. “A simple annulment will take care of that.”

“I have no intention of agreeing to an annulment. Without either my willingness or Fen’s, I don’t believe you can proceed.”

“Why involve yourself in this, Misha? It’s not like you can prove you’ve consummated…” Roarke began.

“Actually we can. You fail to recognize just how familiar the court of Belaurii has been with us.”

Roarke said in disgust, “You expect me to believe that you have witnesses?”

“Yes.” I confirmed.

Roarke stood and walked far away from us. Eburgistraten slowly got out of the water. “Well, that does seem to complicate the matter.”

Fen turned to me and thanked me for defending her honor.

“To be sure, Princess, it is those men that would defend your honor. I choose to defend your interests.”

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