Happily ever after, from Fen's Memoirs

Somewhat apprehensive about the Prince and Princess, I lingered in
Cznorh until their safe return. They did not in actuality go to Belaurii, but to the mountains and had a wonderful time. Their decoys, on the other hand, were captured by Queen Dophe's men and later released unharmed. King Neopar had not only bested the Queen, but we all lived to tell about it.

Months and months passed. Both Ksennia and my mother became pregnant, but we tried to conceal news of the latter from my father. Everyone was happy in Cznorh, with or without me, it seemed. Burgi wore down Zbinka's resistance and was often a guest at court. Even more so than Roarke he was predisposed to a life of opulence and glamour of which Zbinka was the undisputed Queen. But she was also a most gracious hostess and quick to offer the largest of her country estates to King Neopar and his court for their private use.

Ksennia gave birth to a healthy son that she named Schedron. The natural trauma of the event also brought on the sight which horrified her to no end because of her vision that both my mother and her child would die at birth. Given her age and the difficulty she was having with her pregnancy, it hardly took the sight to conjure up those fears. We were both relieved when Nalev came to visit.

"Princess and Lady Fenwick," he bowed politely.

"Please sit down, Eyre Nalev."

"There was a private matter I wanted to speak with you about." Nalev said.

"It's all right. Whatever it is, you may speak freely in front of my sister."

"You have been given the sight."

"Yes," Ksennia said. "I saw Taisia die."

"You can not tell her."


"There is nothing you can do save comfort her. She needs both of you now, and, if what you saw comes to pass, even more in the future."

"It was so real, Eyre Nalev."

"Yes, Princess. We saw it, too. Often one sight is shared between many, especially between kin."

"Then you have it as well?" Ksennia asked.

"Yes," was his somber reply.

"And those men you put to death?" My sister asked.

"Were well aware of my agony and helplessness. There faces and visions will haunt me until my dying day. You're secret is safe with me, my child. Rest and be well."

The following day Schedron was presented to the people of Eltesnia by Roarke and his parents and a great feast was held in honor of the future king. These were very happy times at Cznorh and it was difficult for me to go back to Gelassi, but duty called.

Thanks to Zbinka and dual citizenship rights the university and military academy were flourishing. It was good to have a mix of people at the settlement. It made it feel more like a town.

As much as things were great at Cznorh and passible in Gelassi, it was torture to be in the presence of my father and the Queen. Yet once every month I gave my report to them and tried not to let on to my father that the woman he loved would soon die in labour. I usually tried to spend a few days back in Gelassi afterward to find some balance, but once I did not.

Rumors were flying around Roarke and Ksennia and while I didn't give any credence to them I was a little too eager for a visit. When I arrived I found a loving and happy family led by an adoring and particularly doting Roarke in a life I was constantly leaving. Flanked by Ksennia and Zbinka he was far happier than I ever remembered him. The young infant was the light of his life, and it hurt me that I could not bring him that happiness. Perhaps I was irrational. For a person who spends most of her days solving other people's problems, I certainly created enough of my own. Roarke barely touched me. My mother could die at any moment. Worst of all, D'Hir insuated that they would all be better off without me. It was time to leave. My reports would have to be given by someone else.

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